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A boutique accounting firm providing clients in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout North America with professional accounting, advisory and tax services.

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Located just outside Toronto, Canada there are few boutique accounting and advisory firms with the experience, relationships and reputation of JMA Group. Our team’s value-driven approach leverages our industry experience and commitment to excellence in serving clients defines who we are as professionals.

Trust & Relationships

JMA Accounting has become a trusted and well-respected accounting firm that continues to build relationships with business owners and high net worth individuals.

Value Driven

JMA Group’s professional accounting team (CPA, CA, CGA) team brings a value-driven approach to look beyond the numbers to serve the needs of each company and client.

Our professionals are passionate about their work and desire to exceed what you expect from your accountant. From preparing Financial Statements on the basis of Audit, Review or Notice to Reader to assistance with your bank and other key contracting partners and shareholders.

We are ready to serve you.

Our Services

Our Licensed Public Accounting (LPA) team can meet the financial reporting needs of your business. The value that we bring is deeper than simply preparing financial statements, but involves helping you to understand the numbers. This knowledge will ensure you get the most out of your resources to maximize your opportunities for growth and success. Our services include:

  • Audits
  • Reviews
  • Compilations (Notice to Reader)

In the process of providing the above services, we can further assist your business by identifying tax planning opportunities.

Keeping your company’s internal books up to date is critical to measuring growth and planning for the future. Our QuickBooks Certified team can help train and educate existing staff as well as implement systems and practices to equip your business for growth regardless of the software you choose to use to manage your business.

As your organization flourishes and new opportunities arise, external parties may request to see your financial position. Our accounting & assurance services are well equipped to handle all of your financial statement needs.

Pay Less Tax™. For many business owners, their personal taxes are a reflection of the corporate return. Our professional tax staff specializes in streamlining your corporate and personal tax, by viewing the two as a single unit. We see the true picture of your overall tax burden and can provide effective strategies to minimize it. From employed individuals to sole proprietors, small businesses to large enterprises, manufacturing to retail, our scalable tax solutions and experienced staff are ready meet your needs.

If you work in the United States or your business operates across the border, our U.S. Tax solutions may be right for you!

Canada-US income tax preparation can be difficult to understand and often even harder to find the right assistance. Navigating the numerous forms and deadlines is arduous. Note also that the IRS requires taxpayers who are dual citizens of the United States and a foreign country to timely file United States federal income tax returns and Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs). Our tax experts can help you meet their filing obligation and come into compliance with the IRS and US law.

Compile the information, complete the research, think outside the box, present the options, assess the risks, complete the plan, and most importantly, execute. This is how we help Canadians reduce their largest expense, INCOME TAX. Are you paying too much?

As your net worth continues to grow you may consider incorporating a trust into your plan, a tool that can minimize taxes as well as redistribute your wealth. Consider our Financial Planning and Wealth Building solutions to get a better idea of all the options available to you!

Pay Less Tax

Our approach for over 25 years.

Accounting is merely a measurement system to help you develop some accountability for your decisions.
We work closely with our clients to establish plans for business, compare results to plan and reduce taxes.

Client-focused and value driven, we believe that preparing financial statements and rendering an opinion on them is a limited view of what accounting firms can do for their clients. JMA Group thrives because we focus on what clients need. Our firm brings planning to bear on the decision making of your business. We work closely with our clients to establish plans for business, compare results to plan, reduce taxes and track growth. By strategically focusing on intentional planning, clients have the piece of mind that their financial success is built on consistently making the right decisions and being accountable for results.

Our approach and the services we provide are always completed in the context of your long-term financial goals whether retirement, succession planning or reducing debt. Our balance sheets balance, your tax forms are completed accurately and we strive to file on time, every time. We know you are too busy to worry about Government filings, we know that compliance is freedom from this worry and so we are accountable for keeping you up to date. Working with a professional who actually cares enough to ask about your goals and then helps you build a plan to achieve the goals is increasingly rare in our modern world where not offending people is valued more than cutting through fears and doubts to address real problems we all face in living within our means. JMA as a team is committed to offending you enough to help you. This is unique and different, but our clients have benefitted greatly from this philosophy, possibly summed up in the words “Blessed are the wounds of a friend”.

John B. MacDonald

JMA Group pursues a relentless commitment to excellence

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